Discipleship Training School

DTS is a five-month life-changing Intensive Discipleship Training School which prepares you for living a heroic missional life for the Kingdom—either at home or abroad. 



• Study the lives & characteristics of biblical and historical Heroes

• Gain strategic insight on world seasons and cycles and discover your place in history

• Authentic New Testament missional community

• Both small group & one-on-one discipleship

• 13 weeks of lectures designed for deep character transformation

• Daily worship & intercession for the unreached

• 1 discipleship staff for every 6 students


• Guided, hands-on ministry training

• Bring the Gospel to unreached peoples

• Gain cross-cultural experience

• 8 weeks on the field, 1 week debrief


Develop a deep relationship with God free from daily distractions and learn how to apply a Biblical worldview in the home, in business or among unreached people groups around the world. The lecture phase consists of 13 weeks of teaching, training, and mentoring while living in true New Testament community. Then there's 8 weeks of overseas field work where you'll get hands-on experience in a variety of ministry opportunities in some of the least reached parts of the world. Outreach locations include Central Asia, China, Europe, Northern India & the Himalayas, Iran, The Middle East, and The Sahel Belt of Africa. Regardless of where you feel called, DTS will provide a solid foundation and incredible perspective on your role in the body of Christ today. The DTS is accredited through YWAM's University of the Nations. Our schools offer several benefits to each student:


A DTS is staffed by long-term YWAM missionaries and mission mobilizers. These leaders each bring with them years of experience from their ministries all over the world. In addition to their experience and insight, each week of the school involves 12-20 hours of lectures taught by a world-class leader in that field. The DTS teaching covers six main categories:

• God’s Identity: His Nature, Character, and Ways — Understanding Who God is and What He is Like

• God’s Plan: His Intention for Individuals, People, and Creation — Seeing Life from God’s Perspective

• God’s Redemption: Sin and The Cross — Recognizing Jesus as Lord

• God’s Family: His Children, and His Church — Becoming More Like Jesus

• God’s World: His Call and His Commission — Doing the Works of Jesus

• YWAM: A Response to God — Knowing God and Making Him Known

Every week a guest speaker is flown in who has practical experience and knowledge of the subject.

Subject weeks in the DTS include:

• The Character & Nature of God

• Spiritual Disciplines

• The Father Heart of God

• The Role of the Holy Spirit

• Biblical Worldview

• Spiritual Authority

• Openness and Brokenness

• Relationships

• Spiritual Warfare

• Discovering Your Original Design

• World Missions History & Strategy

• Evangelism

In addition to the lectures, each week there are small groups and personal on-on-ones with the staff. Every day there are daily devotionals, times of corporate worship and intercession and community projects/work duties.


Discover where you fit into the greater body of Christ, history, and the world. Your eyes will be opened to the incredible journey that God created you for and your horizons will be expanded as you realize your calling and develop your giftings. You will gain perspective on historical Christianity, missiology and even world historical context as you learn about the task you and your generation are called to in these exciting times. The curriculum includes: 

• Overview of the lives of three historical heroes each week

• Revealing the culturally universal steps of the hero’s path

• Understanding world cycles and history and how God shaped them

• Studying what scripture teaches about the seven spheres of influence in society

• Discovering your role in world transformation


Discipleship is not just about information, it’s much more about relationship. The leaders and staff for each DTS are not teachers, but hands-on mentors, just as Jesus was with His disciples. Living in community fosters deep friendships and transparency that cultivates growth and accountability. Weekly small groups further encourage staff/student relationships and ensures a low student to staff ratio. Even the speakers that are flown in for that week’s topic live in community with the students building relationship and giving one-on-one access for students to ask questions and process. Above all, a DTS allows for time set apart to pursue and develop your relationship with the Lord.


We are the body of Christ and as such, we must learn to work together and appreciate and utilize each member’s gifts and abilities. Living in community therefore teaches just as much as the classroom. This live/learn environment is crucial to having success on the field overseas and sets a foundation for true Christian living for the rest of your life, regardless where your mission field is. The Heroes DTS is also a multi-generational school which is key in our training by reconnecting younger generations to their elders.


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Homefront Discipleship Phase: $3,495 (includes room, board, and tuition)

Field Outreach Phase: $2,000 + Airfare (estimated)

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What is YWAM?

Youth With A Mission is a global movement of Christians from many cultures, age groups, and Christian traditions, dedicated to serving Jesus throughout the world. With over 25,000 full-time volunteer staff, it is united by a common purpose: “To Know God and Make Him Known.” For more information about YWAM visit

What is the DTS?

YWAM and the ACNA are collaborating to offer an “Anglican-friendly” Discipleship Training School. The DTS is a spiritual formation and missionary training program that has mobilized over 4 million people since its inception 55 years ago. During the 3-month Lecture Phase, students are brought into a deeper love and understanding of God. Then they have the opportunity to share the love of God with the nations during the 3-month Outreach Phase. Students are equipped for a lifetime of ministry in missions and the local church as they live, learn, worship, and serve together.